Faces In Bed with

Dandy Diary founder Carl Jakob Haupt on cuddling and spooning

Carl Jakob Haupt is as multifaceted as he appears. He is one of the founders of Dandy Diary – a blog about men’s fashion, lifestyle and pop culture. But this doesn’t mean you would feel a hint of an aloof attitude while you’re having a conversation with him. Quite the contrary, he really is a nice guy, comfy in his own skin. Besides his love for cuddling (and especially spooning), he has a strong drive, starting societal discussions about not-so-pleasant topics. For the last Dandy Diary project, a capsule collection called “Das Deutschland Pack”, Carl Jakob and his companion David addressed the growing power of right-wing parties and their abuse of the German flag.

So it seems Carl Jakob is the kind of guy you could spend the whole day in bed with, quite comfortably.

I don’t send sex texts or 'dick pics'. I don't even use Tinder. I'm more an old school kind of guy.

I hate sleeping alone. So I wouldn’t define myself as a back or belly sleeper but a 'companion sleeper'. Sleeping without someone in my bed is simply unimaginable. I am a cuddler and an active spooner.

I am a passive snoozer because my girlfriend loves to snooze. But to be honest, I never have an appointment before 1.00pm and I simply sleep as long as I want to.


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