Books, bed and ballet – Angelika Taschen on things that comfort her

Text by Lilly Wolf
Collage by Enrico Nagel

With our Entrepreneurs series, you get to know the people who have made their dreams come true through their work. From work habits and sleep routine to idealisms, ten standardised questions and their answers, reveal some interesting facts about Angelika Taschen.

Morning person or night owl?

Tending towards becoming a morning person after decades of being a night owl.

4 or 12 hours sleep?

9 hours = heaven!

Press snooze or get up immediately?

The luxury of my life is not to need an alarm clock.

9-5 or never not working?

My work is my pleasure so never working.

Team player or lonely wolf?

My work requires a team and I hope to achieve that everybody enjoys the work and working together.

“A risk taking control freak. You learn the most from failures.”

Risk taker or control freak?

A risk taking control freak. You learn the most from failures.

Become famous or change the world?

When I was younger both! Becoming famous for changing something or at least for something great you’ve achieved.

Work as a means to an end or the more money the better?

Work as a means.

Spending or hoarding?

Spending, but not wasting!

Dreamer or realist?

A dreaming realist.


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