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Monopol blogger Anika Meier shows us the most comfortable art for your bedroom

Curated by Anika Meier


“I’d hang that in my living room”, we often find ourselves musing at the museum, standing in front of an artwork which we definitely could not have in our living room. Too expensive. Not for sale. One of a kind.

Art and beautiful design pieces are not always unaffordable – but why the fixation with the wall in the living room? After all, it’s the bedroom that really must be cozy and preferably pleasing to the eye. These walls are the first we see in the morning and the last we see at night. It’s here, that we blindly reach for things next to the bed, or tumble half asleep out of bed.

Here are some artworks you could be fixing your tired eyes on before bed, or look on as you fall asleep;  A view to stimulate you in the morning or somewhere to place your book while you doze.

Walter Schels, Schaf, 1984

“You sheep!” Tends to mean anything but the animal. But, if you can’t sleep you count sheep, or so we learned when we were children. Waking up and looking into the eyes of the sheep by photographer Walter Schels, you can finally utter, “You sheep”, with a clean conscience. And if you can’t sleep, why not look at the sheep and save the counting? The eyes will eventually close themselves.

Schaf, 1984, by Walter Schels can be purchased at Dear Photography

EUR 2.000 More information

Muhammad Ali overlooking the Chicago River and the city’s skyline, 1966, by Thomas Hoepker (Magnum Photos)

Higher and higher and starting the day invigorated. If you wake up and look into Muhammad Ali’s eyes, you’ll sure jump out of bed, do 25 press-ups, run 7 rounds around the block, whittle fruit salad, spoon a muesli and subsequently cycle to work. A classic by Magnum photographer Thomas Hoepker.

USD 3.700 More information

Palmyra Lamp, Moving Mountains

A photo posted by Alcuadrado (@alcuadradobcn) on

Sleep needs darkness, but of course you still need light in the bedroom – to read, dress, and whatever else you get up to. And because bedrooms are there for some relaxation, a little holiday feeling and tropical allure can’t do it any harm.

No price stated. More information

Meta side table, New Tendency

A photo posted by @newtendency on

Surely no one has a bookshelf in their bedroom. Too dusty, too busy. But reading has got to be done before sleeping – and the books or indie magazines need somewhere to rest, beyond the floor. The side table by New Tendency is minimal and elegant and can now even be purchased in pretty pink.

EUR 330 More information




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