Places Far Away Home

Feeling home while camping on Rugia

For Marlen Mueller and Thomas Adler, travelling has somewhat become an occupation.

The Berlin-based photography duo often find themselves on the road. Always with their travel-loving dog called Cat by their sides, they explore everything from urban rooftops in Hamburg to campsites in Italy. In late summer, they spontaneously went to Germany’s biggest island: Rugia, or Rügen. For our series Far Away Home, we sent them off with a muun pillow in tow to transform the tent on top of their caravan into a cozy home on the go.

Our car with its tent on top is the perfect sleeping arrangement.

Where did you go? And how long was the trip?

We went to Rugia with the muun pillow. There we spent the last days of late summer. All in all we stayed there for only three days because it was super spontaneous.

For how long are you already traveling together with your dog and bag and baggage?

We’ve been travelling with our doggy Cat since he was a puppy, so around 1.5 years now. Cat is a real ‘travel dog’, he loves to be on the go.

Sweden and Norway have a special law called 'Everyman's Right' which says you can camp everywhere you want.

Marleen sleeps on our PillowPillow

How long have you had the car for? Do you feel more free with it?

We bought our Jeep Cherokee last year [2015] in July. It serves as a caravan only. Yes, we definitely feel more free because we can start a trip whenever we want. And our car with its tent on top is always our sleeping possibility as well. It always feels like we have our home with us.


Do you have any travel tips for those wanting to try out your way of travelling?

We would always recommend going to Scandinavia – especially Sweden and Norway. They have a special law called ‘Everyman’s right’ which says you can camp everywhere you want. There are also beautiful nature campsites. Apart from that, we can recommend all the spots we’ve already presented on Urban Tenting.



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