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Lena Lademann on going your own way

Where her years as a founding member of Blogger Bazaar were defined by showcasing mixed tastes, in 2017, Lena Lademann unleashes predilections that are entirely her own.

For Germany’s sartorial muse, the unchartered waters of launching her own site has prompted the pull of new creative tides – right now, and perhaps for her always, the freedom of a blank canvas is the most compelling work of art. In keeping, inside Lena’s sparse Hamburg bedroom, there’s precious little to distract from the main, zzz-catching event. It’s an appropriate domain for someone who, in the course of our conversation, practically hoots the words, ‘Sleep is so awesome!’ and is a woman unafraid of taking up space in life and in slumber, one who dozes outstretched, like a starfish, in her dreams…

Doing my own thing is the freedom to share personal opinions and go crazy – if I want to. Lenalademann.com showcases a mix of style, art and design-related features and topics. Everything I share is super personal.

Lena sleeps on our MattressMattress

I don’t wear pyjamas to bed. It’s all about being comfortable and for me that’s just a t-shirt!

People often put my personality on par with my Instagram and think that I am aloof or inaccessible. On Snapchat, I want to show that I am not always as cool as I pretend to be. And, I think I’m even funny...sometimes. Having a sense of humour and staying humble are the two of the most important elements in my work life.

Sometimes you get pushed in a certain direction and you end up quietly following along, never at ease. I will always try to keep in mind what I really want to do and what I don’t.

A comfortable life, for me, means that you take time to always keep your values in check, whatever they may be.

I’m a fan of power naps – for 30 minutes. They’re supposed to be the most restorative. Of course an eight-hour power nap wouldn’t be so bad...

I’m someone who dreams a lot. And, I never stop talking, not even when I’m sleeping! I tell people stories a lot when I’m asleep...whether they understand them or not!

We have more sleepovers at my boyfriend's house. Mostly because he has a bigger bed and we both take up so much space! I can’t be all tangled up when I’m sleeping because I sleep like a starfish.


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