Faces In Bed with

The mattress as a hiding spot

With her compelling yet laid-back style and her down-to-earth nature, Ann-Kathrin Grebner, known as Tanzekind on her social media channels, is one of Berlin’s most exciting fashion girls.

The co-founder of fashion app Amaze, which was recently acquired by Zalando, has been making a name for herself in the Berlin fashion scene. With a background in advertising and experience in marketing, communication and strategy, it’s no surprise that Anni is also somewhat of an Instagram pro. And though she often shares impressions from her home via her social media channels, there’s nothing quite like spending some time in bed with a person to get to know them.

I haven’t spent much time in bed over the past two years, but I’m currently rediscovering it – not just for sleeping, but for actively enjoying being in bed. I’ve even rearranged my bedroom and made it all cosy with lots of pillows.

When I was little I used to hide all sorts of things under my mattress – from hair that I’d cut off myself to toys that I’d pinched from Kindergarten.

I’m such a vivid dreamer – sometimes even a little too much so. I can actually lie in bed and actively dream: I just have to go to bed with a thought and if all goes well I dream of it. That’s important to me, after all we sleep away so much of our time, so it’s great to be able to curate your sleep.

I often dream that I’m flying around the world on an aeroplane – sometimes I even fly it myself. It’s funny, because I have a fear of flying.


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