Mark de Lange, founder of Ace & Tate, on life goals and what really makes him happy

Sometimes it takes someone from the outside to turn an industry on its head – that’s exactly how Mark de Lange approached eyewear.
Text by Lilly Wolf
Collage by Enrico Nagel

With our Entrepreneurs series, you get to know the people who have made their dreams come true through their work. From work habits and sleep routine to idealisms, ten standardised questions and their answers, reveal some interesting facts about Mark de Lange.

Initially working for investment firms, Mark, a glasses-wearer himself, had always dreamed of founding his own business. With a family working in the shoe industry and wanting to work in a more creative field, his own trouble to find affordable yet stylish glasses made him realise a gap in the market. In 2013, he founded Ace & Tate and in doing so hasn’t only made his own dream come true, but has demystified and revived an industry that had become stale and dusty over time.

Morning person or night owl?

Night owl.

4 or 12 hours sleep?


Press snooze or get up immediately?

Slowly training myself to get up immediately.

9-5 or never not working?

Never not working.

Team player or lonely wolf?

Both, depending on the situation. Slowly learning to become more of a player that lets my team do their thing. So a control freak by heart, I’m afraid.

“Money is just a means to an end and helps on the independence part.”

Risk taker or control freak?

See above – I like to control the outcome.

Become famous or change the world?

I don’t like the spotlight.

Work as a means to an end or the more money the better?

My goal in life is to be independent, healthy and happy (most of the time, anyway…). Money is just a means to an end and helps on the independence part. Ace & Tate, amongst other things, makes me happy.

Spending or hoarding?

Spending on things that matter.

Dreamer or realist?

Realist but fortunately enough of a dreamer to not accept the status quo.


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