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When life’s a beach

Born in the coastal southwest of England, for a time photographer Anthony Dodds called Bali home. Taking a break from landlocked Berlin, he brings us along on a trip back to the crests of warmer waves, snapping moments that reveal comfort is as much place as it is people.

1. “This is the Bridge of Death, we stumbled across this bridge while looking for waves on the remote coastline of Java. We would watch locals drive their bikes across, the bridge swinging from left to right, as they tried not to catch their handlebars in the wire. Indonesians are very creative when it comes to constructing things.”

2. “While I was in Bali there was a lot of ceremonies happening, such as Nyepi, the Balinese ‘Day of Silence’. It is a Hindu celebration when people stay indoors, fast, and meditate. The day following Nyepi is also celebrated as New Year’s Day. The streets are decorated with many types of offerings and art sculptures. To me the Balinese are some of most artistic people in the world.”

3. “Ha! This is my good friend Giang, I try to visit him every time I go to Indonesia and share some waves together. We were joking around about wearing my robe on a wave and he said, ‘Easy, let’s do it.’ “

4.”This beautiful little beach is located on the west coast of Java, in a small sleepy surf village where the local surfers love to share waves and project good vibes all round.”

Giang wears our RobeRobe.

5. “I feel more comfortable by the sea and I believe a lot of other people would feel this way if they spent more time by the ocean. I’m now living in Berlin, so every time I visit the coast it’s even more special, I appreciate its beauty that little bit more after spending time away from it.”

Anthony wears ourRobe Robe.

6. “Sunset surf has always been my favourite time in the ocean. The light is incredible and you’re pretty much guaranteed a stunning sunset every day in Indonesia. It’s the best feeling to end the day like that.”

Anthony and Giang wear our RobeRobe


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