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A canalside hideaway in Amsterdam

Overlooking Prinsengracht, one of Amsterdam’s quintessential canals, brunch spot Buffet van Odette has been satisfying locals for over the last two decades. Brunch is, of course, synonymous with slow mornings, so it seems appropriate that proprietor Odette extended her vision to creating a companion B&B, Bed en Buffet.

Located just around the corner, the small scale project made up of two quaint rooms was guided by a modest vision, “I just did what I liked and followed influences from friends to create a place where I myself would like to stay! It reflects my feelings of home and I hope is somewhere that people can feel comfortable and get a neighbourhood feel despite being in a bigger city.”  The interior fulfils the expectations, with its tonal palette, various curios and house plants, you’ll feel rather like you’re settling in with old friends.

Bed and Buffet use a custom muun mattress

Visit Bed&Buffet here.


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