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On a road trip in the sun

The road trip: Barcelona to Naples. The mission: Stay as close to the coast as possible.

Creative consultants Arthur Groeneveld and Bamboo van Kampen set off to document life in the legendary southern European towns of Cadaques, St Tropez, Capri and the Amalfi. The two were following in the footsteps of their artistic idols, namely, Slim Aarons, Jacques Henri Lartigue, Herbert List and Shigeyoshi Koyama, who all visited, or lived in these famed places. Below is a photo series of their own that captures the spirit of Farniente, a way of living rooted in the southern countries and one that embraces a daily philosophy of enjoying the sweetness of doing nothing at all.

“After a long breakfast, we would jump on a boat and explore coves and small beaches, not thinking about time, just enjoying the moment.”

“Local life is much slower and more social, people take more time for simple pleasures such as eating, drinking or a conversation with a stranger.”

“It was lovely to see the daily traditions of warmer climates: People meeting for a swim after work, an older lady with her morning espresso at her favourite beach shack and young kids playing football in town square.”

“Most tourists flock to the sandy beaches while pebbly beaches and rocks tend to be more secluded, more local and more relaxed.”

“It’s always nice to take that extra step and find a spot of your own, take of all your clothes and jump naked in the sea!”

“Our most Farniente moment? Having a long lunch at Da Adolfo, a beach restaurant close to Positano just reachable by boat, which we missed several times due to a lot of white sangria with peaches!”

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