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Finding inspiration in the night with Stefan Marx

Stefan Marx is a dreamer. Inspired by decisive moments on the streets or in his bed, he transforms fragments of everyday life into pieces of art.

He began to share his art through classic t-shirt prints and later extended his work to found flyers, coloured printing paper, posters and records. For muun, the Hamburg-based artist created two wrapping paper design, presented as part of the project Within.

Do you remember the first drawing that made you think “From now on, this is exactly what I want to do for the rest of my life!”?

I actually never thought that, I think the feeling of fulfilment and exploring is what keeps me doing this every day. It’s part of my everyday practice, while travelling, in the studio or any other given place. I’m grateful that it’s still as much fun as it was in the very early days.

Is there a recurring motif in your artworks?

Yes, there are several, such as people, typography and weird objects. I love to draw while being away from home, looking at people while visiting other cities and countries. I’m interested in hairstyles and the mood of people, their style of dress or their way of talking to each other. I’m also a big fan of aviation, so I draw a lot of planes when I’m around airports.

Do your ideas appear in unusual moments or situations?

All the time, yes, mostly while lost in travel. But also while listening to music or daydreaming, reading books or wandering through landscapes. Very often from dreaming in the night, too. The notebook next to my bed is a good companion for very early morning drawings.

It’s often said that you get your inspiration from everyday life, the skate scene or music. Does this also apply for your collaborations with brands?

While working with brands, I like when there’s a directly positive and inspiring situation with the people running it or their connection to a specific product or object. I always try to develop my point of view on the object or product, try to project my thoughts, visual ideas and drawings on the surface of the given object.

How did the collaboration with muun come about?

We teamed up several months ago while meeting in Hamburg to make the time between the dreams a little nicer. It was a fun process to develop drawings and images for muun, exposing ideas for all the specific surfaces and developing some nice printed objects. Getting ideas while dreaming on my new muun made it way easier to come out with all the ideas.

Can you tell us the idea behind Within?

Within describes the outcome of the muun collaboration at this time.

Besides the wrapping paper, is there anything else already planned?

Yes, but I’m not sure how much I can write it down here, but yes, there are things coming!


Within by Stefan Marx




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