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Dreaming of lofts, in Amsterdam

In a world addicted to the endless scroll of online interior porn, there’s nothing like going back to old-fashioned life in 3D – where you look and you can touch. This exactly what you can do at one of Enter the Loft’s pop-ups in Amsterdam.

The Dutch interior design agency show rooms who’s boss, temporarily transforming spaces with furniture, art and interior curios (and did we mention everything there can be yours?) to exemplify the real-life dimensions of thoughtful home decorating. muun dreamt up the bedroom for their latest edition, which takes place at Vijzelstraat 14 in Amsterdam until January 22.

Together we got cozy and created a limited edition muun x The Loft mattress, finished with fabric by the experts at kvadrat (beige, woolen, geometric, are the adjectives we’d throw around). So, when in Amsterdam, stop by and (try not to) jump on the mattress.


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